Miscellaneous testimonials

Absolutely so grateful for Lara Kate and all the staff. Everyone always has a smile, and very friendly. They also love on my little boy.

My son has been going to WOMCA, since January 2019.  Lara Kate has been OUTSTANDING, and very patient with my son. My son enjoys coming, which is amazing to me. Now that he's in school, Lara Kate travels, and sees him at school.

Very flexible. We sure do love everyone, and would most definitely recommend to anyone who is needing help, getting their child help.



The loving staff demonstrated by the professional staff at Word of Mouth made me comfortable that my middle school daughter's emotional and academic needs would be met.  Furthermore, it made my daughter's experience not only comfortable, but helpful.  Her confidence rose is a couple of short sessions and so did  her grades.  Thanks to all her testers and tutors at Word of Mouth. 

- Parent of a USN student



Word of Mouth has provided our daughter with a support system to help her turn her academic struggles into positive learning experiences.  As a parent, I can say that my daughter's therapist is her biggest cheerleader. Word of Mouth assists me as a parent by providing many creative ways to incorporate speech therapy techniques into home life. I am always amazed by the creativity and amount of preparation that goes into each therapy session.

- Parent of a Poplar Grove student


Lynne Robertson was extremely thorough in her assessments, and she laid out a clear plan for how she felt our son could best be served.  While hesitant at first to commit to the plan due to the time and money involved, we decided to jump in.  I can truly say that I never looked back as I watched my her SLP encourage, challenge, and change my child.  Parent of a New Hope Academy child



When we began my son's therapy six short months ago, he was difficult to understand and his testing indicated that his articulation accuracy was only in the 4th percentile. After working with Lynne and another therapist, my son gained confidence and mastery over the sounds and words that were difficult for him.  Best of all, he has loved every minute of working with them... I had a five-minute phone conversation yesterday with my 5-year-old son, and I understood everything he said. Thank you!  

- Parent of a pre-K child at Woodmont Christian Preschool